Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Chinese Halloween

I have not been getting any wedding invitations since my last trip to Penang. I kinda miss eating the 8 course dinner. I can't just go to a restaurant to order an 8 course dinner just for hubby and myself right? But then no one will get married this month because this month is the Hungry Ghost Month.

According to the Chinese belief, the Hell Gate is open for the spirits to roam freely. In order to prevent them from "disturb" the living, the Chinese will offer food to them. Lots of food. My MIL is going to do that this weekend.

I remembered when I was young; I used to follow my aunt to light up candles that are stick to the ground around the house that leads to the food spread which we normally place it in front of the house, on the ground. It was really spooky. After we lighted up the last candle, we will scream and run back home. I think it's just like Chinese Halloween. :)

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