Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thoof - Your Personalized News

Working all day long in the office can be very boring, if not stressful. I will normally take a break from time to time to surf the net. Reading blogs, writing blogs, reading news, or just Google search for things that interest me like health, fitness, parenting, Christianity, humor etc. Most of the time, I do not have the time to read them in their specialize sites. There are dozens of them. I wish there is a site that compiles all the articles that is of my interest. Yes, something like personalized news.

My wish has been granted by Thoof. Thoof is a website that offers interesting news articles, websites, videos, photographs, and other links from around the web. Everything on the site is posted by Thoof readers. Meaning I can contribute too since I have already signed up with them. ;) On top of it, I can suggest to improve the article if I have something good to share. Great isn’t it?

Since I don’t have much time to read, I just click on the title of the topic that I am interested in and they will be saved in My History page. I can read them when I am free again plus I can even share the articles with friends. If I don’t like the article, I can hide them too.

There are lots more interesting stuff in there. I have yet to explore more. Do check it out yourself.

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