Saturday, July 21, 2007

Taking Advantage

I do not know whether you call this gossip or not but here goes the story…

When I interviewed the new clerk (Daliah), she told me that all her family members are in Sabah and she is currently staying with her aunt. That’s fine with me.

After 2 days of working I got curious on how she came to work. Another colleague (Mona) told me that she came with her boyfriend’s brother who is also working as a part-time worker here. Mona added that that Daliah is staying with the boyfriend’s family! And the so-called future MIL plan to get them wedded by end of this year.

Just now, Mona told me that Daliah told her that she has no feeling for the boyfriend. Mona then rebuked her by advising her to move out from the house if that is so.

To me, Daliah is taking advantage of the boy and his family. Getting free stay, free meal and free rides. It is so not fair to the so-called boyfriend. He will sure be heart broken after finding out the truth.

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mama bok said...

Wow..!! i'll stay outta it .. if i were you ..! afterall.. meddling into a co-worker affair isn't really our job.. eh..??