Thursday, July 26, 2007

I don't have SSN

I read this message when I login to Blogitive.
Notice: In order to receive future payments from Blogitive, you'll need to update your settings with your SSN and a current mailing address so we can send you a W-9 tax form. Click here to update your settings.

So I click. They need my SSN number. I have no Social Security Number if that is what they meant by SSN. Sosco number got lar. Like that how ah? I won't received my payments eh. So I send an email to them telling that that I am not living in US. Today when I login I saw there's new message (blog post) at the home page.

You will probably notice some system wide issues as we update the site over the next several days (for example, if you're based out of a different country than the US, you won't be able to update your payment info yet).

Bear with us -- the changes should speed up the review system and help with accounting, and prepare the directory for re-release. As we make the changes, fewer offers are going to be going out, but will return to normal levels once the changes are complete.

Fuh! All my worries gone. hehe.

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