Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Gift or Bribe

One of my company suppliers called me asking whether I bought the salt lamp for my internet café or not. I told him that I have not. You see, few month back, I went for to visit his factory and I saw he has a salt lamp in his office. He got it at a very cheap price. I told him about my intention of getting one too and to inform me when he found one for me.

He called to tell me not to buy as he has one to GIVE to me. Ask for my internet café’s location and that night he called from there, informing me that he has already pass it to the assistant there.

Truthfully, I don’t really feel nice receiving GIFT from supplier. It looks more like a BRIBE to me. The normal practice is when they give you something, you will be obligated to purchase from him. Anyway, I don’t work that way. So far, I never treat him any better than his competitors. Is his price is good; I’ll buy from him. If it is expensive, I will tell him about it. If he can’t reduce his price, I’ll get it from other supplier. No favoritism.

Maybe it is really a GIFT for me. Recently I did introduce his company to a few of my customers and they have changed from their current supplier to him. He got more business, partly because of me. But the main reason my customer buys from him because of his price, quality and efficiency in delivery. It is to my company’s benefit too. I won’t have to face any delay in my packaging material when they buy from him. Meaning I can deliver my products to my customers on time too.

What say you? Gift or Bribe?

3 comments: said...

Bribe? What a dirty word :)

It's all about relationships.

mama bok said...

There is really a very thin line there.. if you ask me.. ;)

Salty said...

An old "rule of thumb" used to be based on a $25 threshold for what could be "gifted". I thin it stems from IRS rulings.

However, a Salt Lamp is more a gift of thoughtfulness and aethestic pleasure and I think he was simply responding to your appreciating something he himself liked.

In Japan it is considered bad taste to refuse a gift but equally bad taste to not offer something in return.

My company sells Salt Lamps top Hotels, Spas and better Gift stores and we make some unique styles like near pure white lamps that come with 6 different bulbs to be able to change the color to suit your mood (or your decor). We call them Cool Color Crystals.

Perhaps you could go yo our site at and pick something out for the person who gave you the gidt. Or, if you believe on passing things down the line to form a chain of goodwill, purchase one of these 200 million year old Natural Salt Lamps for someone who works for you!