Friday, June 15, 2007

Too Much

Production Manager always give excuses that he is at the customer place whenever he is late for work. When we call the customer, they said that they did not see him there. The customer’s office is on the east from my office but a few times, we noticed that his come from the west, where his house is situated.

He comes in the office between 8.45-9am. Tea break supposed to be 15mins, he took half an hour. Lunch 1 hour, he took 1.5 hours. He leaves office at 5.30pm sharp. He is the only one without a punch card. Even the boss BIL, the Operation Manager needs to punch his attendance card and have to be punctual. If not, boss will sure make a hell lot of noise. Querying him about his lateness. If he goes out during tea break with the PM, no question asked.

This PM has special privilege from the company. A company house to live in, water and electricity bill paid by the company and his family medical bills can claim from the company. As for the rest of us, no claim is allowed.

OM did bring up the issue to boss. This is what he said, “The factory cannot run without him and I think you are jealous of him!”

What lar…even when he is not around, OM manages the production better than him. OM plans the production better than him. PM has no production planning at all. Due to it, product is always delayed. That, boss did not see. He only sees what he wants to see. He even backs him up when things go wrong. One day, PM lost this temper over something that boss said. Boss blames us for giving him a lot of work pressure that caused him to explode!

You see lar…isn’t this too much?

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Mama BoK said...

Your boss and the PM's sister got lobang lah.. kekekkeke!!