Saturday, June 02, 2007

No More!

After 8 years of working, today the attendance card will be monitored everyday. Late from 1-5mins, it will be highlighted with yellow. More than 5mins, red. She already got my colleague to make a table for her for every employee except the Production Manager. The PM can come anytime he pleases coz boss said the factory cannot run without him. He can have his own way. Even throw his tantrum at boss (indirectly). And boss blames us for it! Saying that we are the one that caused his blood to boil! We are not assisting him enough, given him much work and pressure.

Since they are being so calculative now, we will too. No working from home for the company. 5.30pm sharp, we will leave office. No more entertaining phone calls from customer after office hour. No checking emails when I am on leave. No more coming back for meetings when I am sick. No more coming back earlier during my maternity leave (if I get pregnant again). No more buying soap for the office. No more! No More! No More!

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Mama BoK said...

Wau lau..!! your company really too much lah..!!