Saturday, June 09, 2007

Insurance Lead

If you are an insurance agent, getting leads are more challenging each day. There are so many insurance company and insurance agents around. Potential customers will definitely shop around to find the best insurance quote available.

However, QuotesAuction is here to help you. They spend millions of dollars on internet marketing generating thousands of highly qualified real time internet insurance leads daily in most lines of insurance. Here how it works to help you:

Prospective consumers who are seeking affordable insurance protection complete detailed online insurance related questioners and request a desired coverage. Upon completion of the questioner the system informs prospects that they will be contacted by insurance professional/s licensed in their state, offering choice of competitive insurance products from respected carriers. The system identifies active insurance agents on our database with matching territory, lead type and profile criteria selections and sends them to respective agents in minutes, via email in the form of insurance leads.

All you got to do now is sign up and get your first FREE Insurance Leads, be it Health Insurance Leads, Life, Diability, Automobile etc which is worth $200. Their representative will provide you with projected volume, pricing, available leads in specific lines of insurance by geographical area, including filters you may be interested in and offer promotions and discounts available, if applicable.

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