Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Non Paid Post

Twice my post was rejected by PPP because the post before it was paid post. All because the same opp was offered by other blog advertising company. PPP thought, it is theirs. The first time, I send a ticket to them quoting below and informing them that the post before is not from PPP.
Each paid post must be separated by at least one non-PayPerPost post
Their replied me by suggesting putting a disclaimer in that post saying that "This following post is not PPP's" Not logic right? The other blog advertising company sure doesn't like it. Advertising PPP in their post?

So the second time, I lazy to argue and just add in a non sponsored filler post. But I did send a ticket asking whether which is now, non PPP or non-sponsored. Below is their reply
Look for that change soon :)


Anonymous said...

I would add a category so that you could label each post by company, i.e. "PayPerPost" and "Blogitive," etc. Makes it nice and simple.

miche said...

hey, i did that if you notice but they still did not see it! :)