Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Fans Tag

Ei...Immomsdaughter, I tot I just hop in your blog recently? :P Glad that you tagged me, at least I know I am visible to you. hehehe.

You say, you got no fan ah? I worst still. I hardly have comment in my blog since I started writing paid post. Hey, my non paid post can be very interesting sometime, you know. :P

But I can proudly say I have 4 faithful readers.

MamaBok - Without fail she will come to my blog and leave comments almost everyday. She very cekik senang one. hehehe...You do this tag for me ok. :D

Msau - Encourages me to make money, make money and make money. She's Michelle too. Filler post for you no? :D

- I met her a few times and she faithfully visits my blog or in this case everyone's blog in her blogroll everyday. Do this tag for me, ok?

David - Everyday I will ask him whether he reads my blog or not! You say you got nothing to write, do this tag. :P

The rest that I did not mentioned, don't merajuk okay? Leave your comment or sign up for mybloglog and I will know whether you drop in or not. :P


Mama BoK said...!! i'm honored to be mentioned.. ;) do the tag soon yah.. ! i still owe you one i think..!

Jesslyn said...

wow, in fact i prefer to be invisible reader ler. :P

IMMomsDaughter said...

Psst psst I oso your fansee but silent one lah ;)