Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No Voice

My colleague always loose her voice. She told me that it is because she drinks less water. One of our supplier had a throat operation due to some growth in her throat. It cause her to loose part of her voice. When she talk to us, it sounded like she's whispering to us or something like the voice that we have when we have sore throat.

She told her it due to 2 reason. One, when you sleep right after meal. She said something like the gas in from our stomach that causes us to loose our voice. The second reason is, if you shout and scream too much.

I think that is very true. The pass few days I have been having sore throat and loosing part of my voice. To the extend that by 9.30pm, I am hardly audible! Shout at who else, if not my children! I normally don't shout that much but lately due to problem at work, I just can't control my anger.

Must control my anger. Nowadays, cancer is easily trigger by the hormonal change in our body!

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Mama BoK said...

I donch like drinking water... so crunching ice is doing my bit .. in having lots of water.. in my body. ;)
And i can crunch ice for hours..!!