Saturday, May 12, 2007

I Hate Him

So far in my 33 years of living on this earth, I don't remember hating anyone. But today, at this point in my life, I really hate him. Not my hubby but someone close. I wonder what does he has against me. Just because of one email I wrote defending my dear hubby, he started shooting at me. Finding fault in everything that I do and that I don't. If I'm allowed to say this..."@%*# You".

This is how angry I am now. Today is my wedding anniversary some more. My day is ruin just because of that one stupid email from him.

I wish I have a lot of money now!!! Then I don't have to trouble a single person in this world except the bank save my money. :P


David Bong said...

as long as we take it objectively and try to look at things from that person's view, we would be able to accept things better. Some people have been given more wisdom than others, some more tactful than others.

How we view things would make our day. Try to make it a happy day.

And I love you dear.

mama bok said...

Hey.. Miche,
Happy Anniversary..!! donch let the "little" ppl upset you ..! they ain't important..! what is most important is.. yer children.. and your spouse..! You see lah.. even here... he is saying.. "he loves you"..! where to find.. this kinda SNAG ..??