Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Having Fun at Night

For Malaysian, it is ok for the men to go out late nights to meet friends but it is not acceptable to the society if the wife does it.

My colleague asked me a question, "Did you go out to meet your friend at night?"

I am exceptional. If I want to I can't. Who is gonna take care of my children? Furthermore I don't have friends in my hometown (poor me). Even if I can and I have friends, I won't. It will not be appropriate for a wife and a mother to do that. Especially going out at 11pm and come home the next morning! Yeap, that is what his wife did. Went for karaoke at her friends house, dancing and gossiping.

He told his wife a few times that he does not like it but she just ignore him! Bad wife.


mama bok said...

Even if i can .. like you .. i won't.. ! just donch feel right at all.. ;)

Sweetpea said...

really goes to show how important she feels her family is for