Thursday, May 03, 2007

8th Year

Today mark the 8th year working with TI (the company I am attached to). *yawn*

This is the first and only company that I work at after I graduated from USM. Attempted to leave once to a Japanese company but was pulled back by the counter offer from this company. Since then they promised better pay. *yawn*

At that time, vacancy is very scarce so I just ask for RM1200.00. They know that I am desperate and offer me only RM1000.00 and RM1200.00 after confirmation. However, I got my confirmation after a month. Within one year my salary was adjusted a few times until it reaches the normal fresh graduate salary RM1700.00. Since then I got increment of RM100 a year until today. So you can roughly guess how much is my pay now. :P

This company offers ZERO benefit. No medical, no company trip, no company dinner, no transport allowance, no food allowances. NIL. Nothing. Elek. The only benefit is flexibility to go out for lunch & clinic for baby/pregnancy check up. You can either choose to take your one hour lunch break from 12noon, 12.30pm or 1pm. Oh ya, free H2O & the cream cracker biscuit that they buy for the production operators.

The reason I stay for this long is because my working place is just 5 minutes drive from my house and I get to go back every day for lunch and play with my children. Save on petrol and food. That will come up to at least RM500.00. So I stay put.

Work has become routine and I am getting very restless about it. Can't wait for the day when I can finally resign and do more challenging work - SAHM! :D


Jesslyn said...

*salute*- such a loyal staff!LOL

Usually I'll get bored after staying in same co for 3-4 years. 1st & 2nd job lasted 4 years too but hv solid reason to resign lar.

Now if I resign, my reason would be SAHM! Still waiting for the day.

chooi peng said...

i m also stay in the same company for more than 8 years..

I feel so boring now and cant wait to be a SAHM...