Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Window XP Starter Edition

"an insult to the developing countries"

continuation from here...

At first we thought the slowness is due to the 256Mb RAM. After adding another 512MB RAM, the start up is still very slow - 8 minutes. Then it must be the Window XP Starter Edition!

Hubby read over the Internet that this edition is developed for developing countries and someone commented that it is an insult to the developing countries! Just because our economic growth is slow, it does not mean that we settle for slower things. It’s like ridding on a bullock cart instead of driving a car. BTW, I have not seen any bullock cart on the road for more that 20 years already.

So we void the warranty, reformatted the computer and install a Window XP Pro Student Edition. With Student Edition, validation is not needed for Window’s update. Now the start-up is less than a minute. Since it is faster now and with more RAM, 768MB, hubby brought it to his Internet cafĂ©. I am now left with an old PC. Better than nothing. It is as fast as my new PC even it is just with 256MB RAM coz it runs using Window XP Pro. Am getting hubby to pay for the monthly installment of the new PC. :P

Please don’t buy PC with Window XP Starter Edition unless you don’t mind the waiting period. Can do a lot of things while waiting know. I am multi-task. So this is what I did while waiting.

Press the start button.
Go PU.
Boil water.
Put in laundry in the washing machine.
Sweep the floor.

Then only start blogging! :D

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