Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I believe that the systems that are used in many companies to manage their procurement, logistic, sales, quality etc is good. But above all, the human must have control over the system, not the system controlling us.

My company deals with MNC. All of them have certain kind of system. When something goes wrong with the system, no work can be done. Production stop and ordered can’t come in or go out. That’s the two main areas that are most crucial in a manufacturing company.

To us, systems are dead. We human are alive. In my production, we run semi-automated. If anything happened to the system, production can still run.

Few months back, an oil major wants us to do decanting for their products but new system has been installed. 3rd party decanting is not in the system. So, they can’t send their product to us to decant even if they needed it urgently. They loose, we also loose.

Few weeks back, my company was taken out from an oil major’s system coz there’s not activity for more than a year. The Malaysia branch wants us to manufacture something for them but unable too coz the system has auto delete my company from the system. In order for us to get back into their system, they have to re-audit the company and that takes months. Their technical people have to fly all the way from Australia to here. Since the product is needed urgently, they get them from Singapore even though it is more expensive.

This happened a few times. I ordered raw materials and requested them to fax the proforma invoice so that I can issue payment to them. Unable to do that coz their system is down. This delays the delivery of the raw materials, our production and delivery to customer!

They are so many hiccups using whatever kind of system. Can’t human override whatever system when the system is down or when there’s no power supply? Everything stands still went these happened. Like that everyday I go to work, I would pray that the system is down or no power supply. Then I got no work to do lor. Pun intended.

To me personally, if you can’t control the system, the system sucks!

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