Friday, April 06, 2007


Yesterday I found out that I forgotten to renew the “Hakgerakkan”. It is a permission from the Custom Department if you want to ship your product to East Malaysia. I think it applies for certain type of product only. Lubricant is one of them. The permission is valid for only 3 months. My duty is to renew it every quarterly and I totally forgotten to renew it in January. Normally I will make a mark in my calendar. New Year, new calendar, I forgot to mark it. Besides that we seldom ship to East Malaysia that is why I only remember yesterday coz we have a shipment to East Malaysia next week!

I am in deep trouble. My mind and heart are so disturbed the whole day yesterday. Kept on praying and asking God to HELP! I have disappointed my boss again. Kept thinking of ways to fix it. Worst come to worst, I drive there on my own expenses to get the permission. Must call the custom department first thing in the morning. That was the first thing that I do when I step in the office at 8.30am.

The custom personnel are friendly today. They told me that I could only get the permission on the same day provided the officer is around. Advise me to send the application by courier today and come to collect it 2 days after that. I agreed.

Then I remembered about Pos Express. I could enclose the envelope for them to post it back to me and I would be able to get the permission the next day. Save my money. It only cost me RM2.50. I called the custom personnel again. He is fine with it. Problem solved.

The next step I did was postponed the shipment from Thursday to Sunday. At least got some time to breathe. Once everything is settle, I told my lady boss about it. Since I have settled the problem, she got nothing to say.

I really thank God for helping me and my husband whom I requested to pray for me about this matter.


Jesslyn said...

For custom doc, usually we'll ask office boy go personally. Never think they allow doc to be posted wan. You not scare it get lost while posting?

mIcHe said...

we got no office boy...this one from putrajaya...for this case will get them to fax to us b4 posting.