Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lunch with customer

Today is the first time I brought one of our company's customer for lunch and also visited the carton boxes supplier's plant. As usual when KL people comes to Malacca, they will go for the Nyonya food. I am so tempted to bring her home! Since my boss gave me some cash, I brought her to Ole Sayang in Melaka Raya. Again I would like to comment that their food is delicious but too salty for my taste bud. Then I brought her to Jonker Street to buy some Pineapple tarts for her to bring back to her KL office to share with her other colleagues.

After that we went to the carton box factory but I did not join her to tour the factory. I was having blocked nose and this kinda factory is very dusty, and I am VERY allergic to dust so I passed the opportunity this time around.

I hope one day, my boss will bring me to her office, just for courtesy visit.

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