Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Apocalypse: My Last Post

This sweetypea loves tagging me and sometimes at the right time too, when I am out of idea on what to write. hehehe.

The Urban Monk started this meme, and wants to know what our last posts will be if we can't blog anymore. For every link back that he gets, he'll donate a dollar to charity, and his aim is $500. How true this is, only God knows.

Hmmm...if I can't blog anymore, it means that I can't write sponsored post and get paid for it. Oh no! That will be my nightmare. So what will my last post be? Stay up all night and grab the highest pay opp from PPP. 1K? :P

If you want to share about your last post, please go ahead and link me. No gonna tag anyone this time. :)

1 comment:

UrbanMonk said...

Heya, thanks for joining, and don't worry I will donate! It's not a scam!