Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Landscape Design

My hubby almost went into landscaping business coz his brother owned a nursery and they are more into Landscape Design than selling flowers and pots. He has green fingers and very creative when it comes to plants, rocks and soils. Unfortunately, his brother sold the nursery due to some personal reason.

Do you know that with creative landscape design, it will add value to your house? I got a friend who is very good at landscaping. She turned an empty land beside her house to a beautiful Japanese garden. It attracts many passerby. Some even offered to buy her house just because of that small beautiful garden!

If you too want the same but not as creative as some, you can engage professional landscaping company like SLDA's. They
are known for their organised approach to landscaping called the SLDA’s Three SteppingStone that includes Planning, Designing & Implementing. Please check out the website for more details.

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