Monday, April 16, 2007

Help Me!!!

I need more polls. Could you or would you please do the Advertlets poll on my sidebar? Only 4 questions to answer, you will be done with it in less than 10 seconds, if you click fast fast lar...hehehe.

As a return favor, when you come to Malacca, I let you chase my kampung chicken or climb the coconut trees. :P

Thanks for the favour!


MerapuMan said...

dah buat dah..

mama bok said...

I'll take the kampung chicken please.. ;)

SEO Engineering 101 said...

you need more traffic, not poll clicks.

I use Vizu and they pay $10 PPV!

Heh heh heh

why not take my offer and have a proper hosting...3mths on me!

msaufong said...

I gao dim for you liao..1 ..hmm... no ..2 kampung ayam.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Yep done also :)