Saturday, April 21, 2007


The Peranakan Chinese or Baba Nyonya are known with having antique collections in their home. In my home, we are left with an antique bench where we used to place the deceased before the coffin arrives. Eerie? Nah...The antique collector offered us quite a sum for it but sorry, it is not for sale. Anyone passed away and need a place to put the body, call me! hehehe.

We used to have the antique bed but my grandma sold it because we do not have much space in the house to store it. We regretted after knowing that the antique collector sold it for RM15k after repairing and touching it up to make it look new. Imagine, my grandma sold it for only RM500!!! I wish I was older at that time and can tell her the value of antiques.

If you go to the rich Baba Nyonya house, you won't miss seeing a grandfather clock. This is also one of their antique collection. My family does not have one. We are not rich but we do have those old wall clock. Still consider as antiques. :D

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