Thursday, March 08, 2007


When I have a lil extra, the first thought that comes is “I wanna bless someone.” I know how it felt like when God bless me and also when others bless me. I want to do the same too, blessing others. When others are happy, I am happy.

Even before I get my first payment from PPP, I already planned to give and also to sponsor one of hubby’s brother and family to join us to Genting for a holiday. Recently I found out that one of the brother made RM15k from shares. What did he do with the money? I don’t hear anything about treating any of us even for a simple dinner. I guess he kept it for his family only. Later I realized that most of the brothers have side income. What did they do with them? Keep for themselves, I guess. Then I start questioning myself. Why with the little extra side income I have I wanna share?

This is hubs replied. "That's the beauty of following Christ command. We do not hoard our wealth. We share. We make more people happy beside ourselves. And we are pleasing God at the same time because we obey His word.

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