Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am so excited. If it is God’s will, I can get more than RM2k a month from just writing sponsored post. In 10 months time I can afford to buy a 2nd hand car. Newer than my current car. But do I need that? Nah…I don’t think I’ll go for it. I am not a car person. As long as I have a vehicle to bring me around, can already. I will use my current car until it really fails to serve me.

First thing first, must set an amount to give. But how much, I still have not decided. Definitely more than just 10%. 10% for my shopping. Hmm…I wonder whether that is enough. Balance I will dumb that to my home loan account. So that even when there is no tenant I don’t have to worry about paying the home loan.

Oh ya, I have not sign up for any insurance policy for my son. But then ah, insurance is a long-term commitment. I wonder how long can I earn money from writing sponsored post. Better not take the risk. Wait till the next salary increment in July, and then I will buy.

Just read this, maybe I should sponsor a child. :D

Thank you so much Lord for your blessing.

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