Thursday, March 29, 2007


Not me! I can't afford to resign from my job at this present time until the business we are running really make money. Our internet cafe assistant, Bibi, that's her name tendered her resignation. 3 days notice only. On April fool day, everything will be back to square one. Hubby will be that the shop from 12noon - 12 midnight or later until he find a replacement.

I think she felt awkward working with us after hubby confronted her and her sister for using the internet and phone for the personal usage without informing him. She works with us, her boyfriend uses the internet for free using her account. We expected that.

Her sister uses the server computer to send emails for the company that she's working for. We did offer to rent a computer for her to use for her company's matter but no feedback from her boss.

Praying that we will get a replacement real soon.


SEO Engineering 101 said...

That is normal of any business my dear. Standard procedures apply. Lucky she quit, or else you could be in hot soup too in some legal aspect.


sweetpea said...

well let's hope she finds a good boss then, or she had never met a bad one yet. employees now are taking so much for granted and expect good pay but not doing much, and think they are doing their employers a favour. really! am no boss, but senior enough to know who can work and who can't lor :P especially the much younger generation. wanting good pay but not up to par.

mIcHe said...

u r right azrin, we just had a girl came for an interview yesterday. more matured with working experience. the one resigning, this is her first job.
btw, you got the screenshot software, for free and no trial version? share share please.

she's a freshie sweetpea. just got her SPM result. she has not tasted the real working world.:D