Thursday, March 29, 2007

Increase sales thru lead management

This is a sponsored post.

As a manufacturing company, we receive inquiry thru our company website and phones calls almost daily. Sometimes when I am very busy with my administration work and current customers, I sometimes put them aside and sometimes neglect them too. I need to be more serious and consider lead management in order to help my company boost its sales. The ultimate goal of lead management is to increase the likelihood that a lead will convert to a qualified opportunity and then a new, satisfied customer.

I read that AIMpromote’s sales management software can help to manage sales leads efficiently. It helps to manage prospects and follow-up with sales leads without wasting valuable time performing repetitive tasks. With AIMpromote, there are no setup fees, and they even integrate your system with your website free of charge. It has a significantly lower cost of implementation and total cost of ownership than their competitors for several reasons. I might try their 14 days free trial and see how it goes.

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