Monday, March 26, 2007

Really FREE Screenshot Software

I heard of screenshot and wanted to install it but I have no urgency for it until that Saturday when I found out that this blog got chosen as blog of the day in PPP.

Earlier, when PPP offered an opp about how much we made from them. Many bloggers got a screenshot of their PPP’s “Already Paid” and “Will Be Paid” page. Even though it was not required from us. I took that opp without the screenshot coz I did not how too. A non-PPP blogger commented that I should take a screenshot as a prove to what I wrote. It will be even more convincing. BTW, at that time I only make less than USD100…shy to show to the world coz others made much much more than me.

Well, when there’s a will, there’s a way. It is so easy to get screenshot software. I just Google “Screenshot software” and I got a list of it. I chose Screenshot Utility coz it’s the simple I just need to press Ctrl + Alt + F12, my screenshot will be placed at my desktop. Later I can save it anywhere I like.

But there’s a trick to it. It is not FREE. Today, when I start my computer, I am prompted to register the software and I am left with 28 days trial period. Cheating one. I don’t remember reading anything about it being only a trial version. Or maybe I miss that out.

Two options I have now. One, search for free screenshot software. Second, get hubby to find the crack for me. I shall try the first option first.

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