Saturday, March 31, 2007

Online Backup

My question. It is safe to use online backup for company's documents? In my computer, there're product costing, quotations, ISO 9001:2000 manual, payroll, production report, formulations of the products that my company manufacture etc. Let say, I upload all these to the online backup. One fine beautiful day, some hackers got their hands itchy and hack into my account and sell all those information to my company's competitors. Like that, die lar!! Then my boss will go after me for being smart Alex by using online backup.

Then there's this...what if one unlucky day, my computer breakdown and all the info and documents gone and at the same time the online company that I backup my files at, close shop or their server kena bomb! I'll be in deep shit right?

I took an opp for my other blog about I even registered for it but after thinking thru, I am kinda reluctant to backup my files there. What say you?

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