Saturday, March 31, 2007

Lowest Bid Wins

Nowadays if you are using prepaid cell phone, you will always get free sms. My colleague just told me that she received 100 free sms and she does not what to do with it. She just doesn’t sms. Let me suggest a way to put it to good use. It might get you the chances to win more Free gifts.

Have you heard of Low Bid Auction? Normally in any auction, the highest bid wins but in Low Bid Auction the lowest unique bid wins. Interested? Just go to, register, choose your prize and text the keyword with the lowest bid amount and send to 81000. When the auctions ends and yours is the lowest and unique amount, you win!

To those who like to participate in Sweepstake, try your luck here. There are great prizes to win every day. Prizes range from Apple I-Phone’s, New 2007 Scion, Dell XPS 700, Playstation 3, PLASMA TV's to Cash prize and much much more.

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