Saturday, March 24, 2007

High Expectation

When you pay for something very expensive, there is a very high expectation to it right? Like when you pay half a million ringgit for a Mercedes Benz, you expected comfort, quality and durability. Sad to say that that is not what you usually get.

Even sadder that when you make a complaint, you are not entertained. So this is what my boss did. Wrote a letter to the customer service manager of DaimlerCrysler, Malaysia. Told her to step down from her post since she is not doing her job. Wrote a letter to Germany. To the CEO requesting for answer to his query since Malaysia is not interested to entertain him.

In the Western country, they are more pro-active when it comes to customer complaints. They will definitely answer you. BTW, I am going to email and fax the complaint to them shortly after I make some money from PPP. :P Hope to hear something from them next week.

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