Monday, February 12, 2007


Read his blog this morning. I said something fleetingly yesterday? BTW, what is fleetingly??? That really spoiled my mood. My mind can't think straight, no mood to blog in detail, no mood to write sponsored post, no mood to work. Since I need to send my boy for his monthly check up at the clinic, I took this opportunity to take half day leave.

Went to the shop right after coming back from the clinic. He did not wanna tell what is the fleeting word. How can I apologise for something that I don't know?

Thought can at least chit chat but he spent his time playing LAN game with his customer.

Need to drink the camomile tea given by her, to calm me down...


Mama BoK said...

Hey.. Miche,
Donch be too upset. I'm sure things will work out by itself.. :) David is not unreasonable.. and you are both very stressed.. i am sure.. :) same like me and PB... but once you let it out.. and scream at each other abit.. then it should be ok.. hahha!!
Take care ya..!

mIcHe said...

the thing is..he kept quite about it and we are not the "screaming" type...hahaha

sweetpea said...

funny how we can scream at the kids though huh? :P i donno who's right or wrong (of course lar!) but as hubby and wife we should talk to each other. frm my point of view, he should let u know he was hurt by wat u said. although not by mouth, he could've emailed u, and not blog publicly, hence everyone knows and perhaps lastly u. sorry david.
then again, men do have their sensitive side. if u know that he already felt that way, if u cannot ask him directly, try my style lar. i always find it better to email my hubby, (we met that way) since if we both talk, we both want to be pandai and hence no conclusion. but in an email, we are giving each other the chance to express wholly without being interrupted by each other. and with that state of mind, we think over while we read, and try to understand each other's point of view.
kiss and make up can? send apology e-card. hehehe. hubby and wife mar. still so many dang years to face each other how to get mad for long? like dat u get more grey hair only. not worth it, not worth it..
this comment a little late, by now u must be lovey dovey again eh?