Saturday, February 10, 2007

Meeting with Chinamen and Woman

written at 10.30am in my notebook during the meeting.

Am now in a meeting with 3 Chinese man and 1 Chinese woman from Beijing China. I am lost.

Lady boss speaks and understand Chinese.
Boss speaks and understand a lil bit Chinese.
I don't speak nor understand a single word they say!

I wish I have a laptop in front of me now. I can bloghop! hahahaha.

I am here because I corresponded with them thru the email. So I am here to show my "pretty" face. hehehehe.

And lady boss invited me to join them for lunch. I just hope not chicken rice ball coz I just ate chicken rice (not ball) for breakfast.

They gave each one of us souveniers from the Beijing's Olympic. They were the main sponsor, I think. Picture of it, I will post in my other blog.

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