Tuesday, January 30, 2007

No more PR JeeLO

I was reading JustMyTots and was excited for her too as her PR is now 2/10. Mine has been 0/10 for quite a while as I just revived this blog. Recently, I did check at PayPerPost official PR checker, and my PR is 2 but at Google it is still ZERO.

Today, I click the PR checker at JustMyTots, and lo and behold, I got PR2 also!!!

WooHoooooo!!!! :D

One more month, I can re-submit this blog to PayPerPost and start writing for more $$$. hehehe.


Kevin said...

Cool! I check mine blog and found that it's PR3. What's the implication? Don't thinkI want sponsored post on my blog, but some extra $$$ is always good.

mIcHe said...

PR3 means u got more blogger linked to u than mine...hehe.

In writing sponsored post, some advertisers request for a higher PR, you dont have it, you cant write for them.

So, what we do is request other bloggers to link us. U link me ok? :D