Monday, January 15, 2007

Hair Salon

So far I have not come across hair salon that is run by Malay or Indian. I am not talking about Barber shop. Those types, plenty run by Malays and Indians.

Most runs by Chinese. Typical Chinese. Sometimes...most of the time, I will have problem telling them how I want my hair to be cut. I speak Malays, they don't really understand, I speak English, they lagi don't understand. I don't like to flip thru the magazines and show them sample. I like my own style. Most of the time, I come home disappointed, sometimes, crying.

So, now, I just keep my hair long and rebonded. I just tell them layered, V shaped.

Now my rebonded hair is long gone and am contemplating to rebond it again coz, CNY is coming and the price of rebonding will sure increase. They will say, CNY coming, additional angpow money. Why must I give you angpow? I give you business, you should give me angpow instead. DUH!

That's why I look for Malay or Indian hair salon, they won't ask for angpow! hehehehe.


Jesslyn said...

Till now i still wonder why no malay or indian open salon? this biz really can make money wan!

mIcHe said...

u also wonder about it ah??? i thought i'm the only one! :D

sweetpea said...

it's the trade the race is in i guess. middle easterns here are taxi drivers, chinese mainly restaurants,cooks or waiters, shanghainese twobuck shops, ladida.

by the way, can we linklink?