Friday, March 11, 2005

My life at this point of time

I have not written here for quite a while. Actually most of it when to my blog at liquidblade. It is because my life now revolve around my 2 kids and I usually write about them there.

Having 2 kids is quite a handful already. Can't imagine how will I cope when I have 4 of them. But then ah, by then Belle and Kiki will be older to help me out. Thank God that He blessed me with 2 girls first. Girls more rajin than boys mah. My sleeping hours is shorten by 2 hours already. When only Belle was around, I usually sleep around 10pm and wakes up at 8am. Now, Belle wants to sleep later and Kiki will only go to sleep when her surroundings quiten. That is when Belle already sleeping. Usually from 11pm-12am. Nowadays, I set my phone alarm at 7.15am. Enough time to breastfeed Kiki, bathe and sent them to my mom's place before I start work at 8.30am.

Really thank God that He blessed me with a very understanding and helpful husband even though, a few night in a week I will be left alone with the 2 kids. Meetings to attend. He will wake up every morning (between 2am – 6am) to prepare milk for Belle. As for Kiki, she will only wake up around 6am – 7.30am for her milk. So, I am able to sleep thru the night. More energy to work and take care of them later.

I don’t do much housework nowadays (I don’t’ do always actually, even before the kids was born! hehe). Wash my clothes once a week. House cleaning on Sunday when Kiki is sleeping. Iron clothes when husband is around at night. TV or movies. Hmmm… when was the last time I watch a full movie? Before Kiki was born. Now, no time for movies. Want to read book pun susah. ABC and children storybook got lar. Exercise? Hardly! A few stretches in the office and when Kiki is sleeping got lar. 10 mins evening walk with Belle, can consider exercise or not?

Arrrggghhhh… I can’t wait for them to grow up. Can go swimming again, run/jog at the beach, go for movies, read a book a day, shopping without rushing for time to go home to breastfeed, night out with husband, lazing around the house doing nothing, have xxx anytime of the day (hehe), etc. But then ah, when they grow up already, it will be time for me to breed some more! And the cycle starts again until I get all 4 of them. By then I will be 40 years old *old lady*.

I am not complaining, just that, this is my life now when I decided to say “I do”. Many things we have to sacrifice to bring the next generation into this world. After all the things I mentioned above, I don’t regret it. I enjoy seeing them grow up and loving me (I don’t enjoy being pregnant and giving birth thou – pain!). Now I have more people that love me truly and unconditionally.

I have a lifetime task to bring them up in the fear of the Lord! That’s a tough one. GOD PLEASE HELP!

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Anonymous said...

Every Mother's complain. Live with it and cherish the moments. Time is just flying past ...we cant be living like we used to be and life is ever changing. Count your blessings because you do not know what tribulations the countless people your age are suffering from. While it is still good just be merry. The word "I DO" was the best thing you said in your life. Just imagine if you had not. Without Kiki and Cici and Honey what would life be like. Can read , can go movies, can swim....Satisfying?? I guess not. Watch Kiki smile and you will know what I mean. Friend