Saturday, March 12, 2005

It is time

My siblings (4 of us) have decided to give my parent a China (Beijing) trip by March next year. Well, it is time to let them go out to the world and enjoy their life after many years of sweating under the sun to bring us up to be who we are now. All of us have a stable income now. 3 of the older siblings have settled down with kids coming and the youngest is tying the knot in 2 years time. Well, my mom is babysitting both my kids now but I will not let it be her routine until she grows too old for them. I am willing to sacrifice my annual leave to care for my own kids while she travel with my dad. They have made many sacrifices for us. It is time we sacrifice our time, effort and money for them. All my siblings have agreed to send them for holiday every 2 years once (at least).

As for me, I do not know how long will I earn income. I am married to a full time minister and we are ready and preparing for mission trip anytime, anywhere God calls. So better send them before the time comes.

The problem now is how to get my dad to agree to it? My mom is excited about it but according to her, dad would not agree. Never leave the house for so long. Who is going to care of the geese, ducks, birds, chicken, fishes and plants? Don’t trust me of taking care of them! Hehe. Oh well, still not going to tell him about the plan. One month before then only tell. Less time for him to think of the unnecessary

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