Monday, December 23, 2013

Art Class for RM5 Only

My 10yo attended Art Class since she was 6yo. In the beginning, I accompanied her throughout her class and I picked up the basics of colouring using oil pastel. It is kind of simple once you know how the technique of blending a few colours together and which colour to mix. For that, we paid RM40 for 4 class of 2 hours each. After a while my daughter got bored of doing the same thing over and over again so we stopped. Last week, a boy came to my CC asking about art class and where is it to, etc. So I told him the particular he wanted. Just now, he came asking me whether my daughter can teach him instead, twice a week. After giving it a thought, why not? It will be a good experience for my daughter, she can put what she learned to practice and at the same time she can earn some pocket money. So, I am charging him half the price of going to an established art class. Instead of RM10/class, we are only charging him RM5/class. Btw, I'll still be the teacher (i'm better at it and neater too. hehe) and my daughter will assist me coz I still have my business to run and babies to mind.

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