Sunday, September 29, 2013

Care for the Elderly

My dad started showing symptoms of Alzheimer disease. Besides that his health is deteriorating. He is getting weaker. I hope and pray that God will strengthen him again till the day he leaves this world. I dread to see he suffers from pain during his old age. As children, we are trying our very best to ease his pain like how they eased our pain when we were growing up. If there come a time when he can even squat to pass motion, I'll buy for him the elevated seat. There are so many to choose from at Parentgiving.
At Parentgiving too, I found thousands of products and hundreds of informative articles that allow people to age well at home. Parentgiving are dedicated to offering medical and healthcare supplies for the elderly, bed and bath safety products and practical tools for all the activities of daily living for those who want to stay independent as well as those with limited mobility.

Now, my main priority is to continue praying for my parents salvation so that I cam meet them in Heaven when I die.

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