Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another Car Problem to be Fixed

I really can't wait for our new car to come. The car that I am driving now is giving problem after problem. 1. There is leakage in the air-cond (we can do without air-cond, just roll down the window.) 2. There is leakage in the lubricating oil somewhere. Sent for repair but after a few days, we spotted oil on the floor of our car porch. The car is releasing white smoke too. 3. The drive shaft needs to be changed too. The above we can still hold on to the repair. But this problems attention soon. When I drive longer than 15mins and the weather is super duper hot and the traffic is slow, the temperature will go up and the car engine will stop when I'm slow to change to lower gear. It refused to start until the engine cool down a lil bit. Will try to send it for repair next week when I have 2 part-time workers at my shop. :)

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