Monday, November 19, 2012

Preparing my mind for a simple and cheap birthday meal

This year we are extra tight financially especially towards the end of the year where the rainy season is here. Rain is no good for our business. Rain is no good for my birthday too. :( Knowing our financial status, I cannot ask for anything expensive. No wasting money for non essential stuff like facial therapy or foot reflexology which I used to get on my birthday in the previous years. I love beef especially beef steak. I did not have it on my last birthday. I think we were short of cash also then. I wanted to dine in a fine restaurant this year and have my beef steak (no money issue set aside, spend first, worry about money later :P) BUT hubby has to work on my birthday till after dinner time. Okay lar, I shall forgo my craving for beef steak. Not pregnant so no reason to fulfill that craving. I will ask for birthday supper then...2 pieces of roti canai kosong with a glass of teh tarik. No need to hear hubby grumble about the meal price after paying. :P Most importantly, it is the thought that counts and the company I'm with on my birthday. :D

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