Monday, October 01, 2012

Where To Buy Cheap New Tyre

Recently, we had our car's tyres changed. We did not have much money to change into new tyre so we asked for second-hand tyre. The first tyre shop that we went, a small tyre shop did not new second-hand tyre. Their second-hand tyre is more than 5 years old! Then we went to a bigger tyre shop that sells lots of sport rims. Their second hand tyre is a brand new tyre which cost only RM95/tyre. It is a Silverstone brand. Very cheap right? How can it be that cheap? I asked. They told me the owner of a new car wanted to change to sport rim and the tyre size differs. So they have to buy new tyres to match the new sport rims. That's how we can get cheap new tyre. :D So, when you want to buy cheap new tyre, go to the tyre shop that sells lots of sport rims. ;)

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