Friday, September 07, 2012

Very Minimal Profit

Last Sunday my family and I had lunch at hubby's internet cafe because he has some end of the month account that he needs to settle. So, I packed Nasi Lemak before church and went to his shop right after church. I got the chance to look into his income and expenses worksheet. To my surprise, his profit is very minimum; not enough for our minimum monthly expenses. His salary derives from the profit. There is a month where his profit is below RM50! And he never once told me about it. Now I know why during those "low income" month, we have to sell our gold to pay for our credit cards bill. He just told me that he do not have enough cash to roll. Arghhh! This makes me want to go back to work and earn my RM3k salary every month. But I can't. :( I have 6 kids now and the youngest is only 5mo. :(:(

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