Saturday, January 21, 2012

How To Save Money from Breakfast

Do you realise that breakfast is quite costly? Especially the Chinese breakfast. A plate of Chicken Rice is RM3.50, Wantan Mee is RM3.00 and even the plain fried noodle with taugeh only cost RM2.00. The Malay breakfast is cheaper. You can still get Nasi Lemak for RM1.00 and Roti Canai for RM0.80/piece BUT you have to buy 2 each to get the same value as those Chinese Breakfast. The cheapest is buy a loaf of bread and eat them with jam and butter. Takkan wanna eat sliced bread every day. There is another cheapest breakfast in town. This has been the breakfast for the poor and those with many children - LEMPENG. My MIL used to feed her 11 children lempeng every day for breakfast and now I am doing the same but not every day lar. Buy a kilo of flour at RM1.35; you can make more than 10 pcs of lempeng. I'll share how to make lempeng in my next post. ;)

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