Sunday, April 03, 2011

Immunization Medicine Out of Stock

Two weeks ago I brought my newborn to the government clinic for her 2 months old check up and also immunization. On that day, the clinic was amazingly empty. Where are the mothers? Where are the nurses in their white nursing uniforms?

After I took my number then only the nurse at the reception who was busy sorting out their cotton lab coats told me that they are out of medicine. What? Immunization medicine out of stock??? Since my first child till my 4th, this is the first time, I encountered this situation at the clinic.

Were there too many babies being born on the same month as mine? Or maybe the nurse on duty to check the medicine stock did not do her job properly. Maybe the clinic was occupied in getting their hand on the clearance scrubs that they forget to re-order. Or it could be the supplier's fault.

Whatever it is, it took them 2 weeks to call me to bring my newborn back to the clinic to get her immunization jab.