Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Money from Heaven

When hubby was serving full time in church, receiving money from anonymous person is not a big deal. It is a common practice to give to those serving full time in church to ease their financial burden. It is because more than often their pay is very little.

But now that hubby is no longer serving full time in church and running his own business, receiving money from an anonymous person gives us a lot of question. According to the middle person, the giver does not know my husband nor my husband knows him. He was prompt by God to give to my husband.

Our question is what is the money for? We admit that we are in need of money due to the recent "gift" given by my tenant. But we still have monthly income to pay the bill bit by bit. We are also having my ex-tenant belongings like cashmere sweaters, travel bags and amplifiers which we can sell for cash.

Who is the money actually for? The only person we can think of is the lady that owes the loan sharks. Since God did not give a clear instruction on how we should use His money, we will bless her instead. :)

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