Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How Much Does It Cost To Flush Car's Radiator

My hubby's car temperature has been showing high temperature for a few weeks but there is still water in the radiator. It is time to flush the radiator. Too much rust has accumulate that might cause the blockage.

I asked one of the radiator repair shops nearby the place I stayed, he suggested to do a complete "washing". That is by removing the radiator tank from the engine and wash it thoroughly. It will take 2 hours to be done and cost RM70.

Hubby is not in favour in this kind of flushing coz removing a radiator from an old car might cause other damages. While taking it out, something else might break in the process and that will cost more money! It happened to my old junk. :(

So we went around Peringgit area and managed to find a workshop that does the flushing of the radiator without removing it from the engine. It cost us only RM40 and completed within half an hour. No other damages done. :)

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