Monday, July 26, 2010

Accident Right In Front of Our Eyes

When travelling with a borrowed car, the worst I feared is getting into an accident. Hubby, the driver does have accident and illness insurance but not the rest of us; not even cheap funeral insurance!

We prayed for journey mercy and keep our eyes opened and mind alert throughout the 3 hours car ride. Lo and behold! An accident happened right in front of our car in less than 4km from home. A motorist overtook us and attempted to overtake a lorry on a curve road and met a car which stopped to turn to the right. The motorist did not managed to brake on time and bang the car that stopped in the middle of the road to turn right and flew off his bike and onto the stationery car and felt on the other side of the road with on coming vehicle. Thank God he did not fall far away from the stationery car and an on coming car managed to avoid from running over him. It will be a gory scene if otherwise happened.

We pitied the car that wanted to turn right. It was not his fault. He stopped at the correct junction with his signal on but a reckless motorist ruined his car and his day. No matter how careful you are, you still need affordable life insurance to protect yourself against careless and reckless people like the motorist.

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