Sunday, May 30, 2010

We are not rich

Hubby is very transparent with his fellow part-time staffs when it comes to his sales and expenses in his shop. His staffs can easily access his worksheet to check out his daily and monthly sales. But least that they know that those are his basic monthly expenses which have not include expenses incurred for maintenance and other stationary purchases which is quite a lot.

One of the staff's wife often hinted to me to increase her hubby's pay and how I can afford to buy a new car when I shared with her that my car tyres need changing. From this, I am sure you can imagine what the husband told her about hubby's profit right?

If we are rich, we would be investing in gold every month and buy gold coins to increase our wealth. Unfortunately, that is not the real picture.

Every month, all the profits earned went elsewhere and not into our savings account. And we still have business loan to pay which we hope to pay by this month but could not coz this month's sales is very low.

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