Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amount We Owe You

I just check one of my credit cards statement. I am so relieved to see at the summary of the statement "amount we owe you".

You see, I posted my cheque on 20th and the due date for payment is on the 27th. After I dropped the cheque into the letterbox, I noticed there is a note saying that next collection is on Monday; that will be a day before the payment due date. Nowadays postman so lazy one arh? Collect letter once a week???

I panicked coz the amount for late payment and finance charges would be at least RM40 and I am not the one who spent so much on that credit card; my sister used that to pay her phone bills and air fare.

So I wrote a "love letter" and stick it on my mail box asking the postman favor to collect the letter from that particular letterbox ASAP. I think he read my "love letter" coz the credit card company received my payment exactly on the due date day. ;)

If not, I will need to look for credit cards for bad credit. :(

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