Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tips To Get Cheap Spectacles Frame

I didn't realised that some Optical Shops do give special price even though they do not have promotion banner hanging outside their shop until last Saturday.

My last frameless glasses was bought during free frame promotion. I only have to pay for the lenses price. Recently my frameless glasses cracks because my 11 months old baby always grab and pull it from my face. I have no choice but to change to a framed glasses. And I can't wear contact lens because my eyes are sensitive and dries up easily and I have astigmatism too which will make my contact lenses very expensive.

So, I walk in an optical shop with a budget not more than RM200. It is because, the lenses cost only RM180 and if you are their regular customer, you might even get it at RM150; those with multicoated, UV protection and dunno what not.

I asked, "Do you have free frame promotion?" If they don't have I will just walk out and wait till they have the free frame promotion. My glasses is still wearable. ;)

To my surprise, the salesman offered me RM200 for the frame and lenses.

So, today, I have RM200 poorer with a new pink half frame glasses. I have been wearing frameless for a few years and felt very uncomfortable seeing lines all around my eyes. I shall start with the half frame first. Then I'll go nerdy with full frame glasses in a year or two. :P

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